Luxury Tomato and Basil Soup

tomato and basil soupThis recipe was born out of leftovers and we ended up enjoying it more than the meal I made the night before! I had made Onion Cannelloni from Aldo Zilli’s “The Zilli Cook Book” and consequently had a huge amount of half caramelised onion left over. I used this to form the base of my soup along with some basil donated by a friend. I made the bread with a Lidl ciabatta bread mix. I think ciabatta was a bit of an odd bread mix to sell as it inevitably would never work properly, but it was still very nice.

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North African Lamb Tagine with Cous Cous

uncooked-lamb-tagineOn Saturday we had our friends Sam and Zoe over for dinner. I decided to cook this because it went so well last time I made it for my parents. We bought a second tagine for the occasion from TK Maxx,¬†because¬†our usual one can only really stretch to three people and it’s just not the same in a casserole dish. The meal was enhanced by Zoe’s fresh bread and by following it with Sam’s not quite set summer pudding. I will have to get that recipe off him and put it on here at some point….. Goes well with red wine or rum, lime and ginger beer.

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