Note: This blog isn’t exclusively for the people of Cambridge, it’s for anybody but I will make reference to places in Cambridge, because it has so many interesting food shops that sell obscure ingredients and fantastic places to eat.

Yo! I’m Sophie.

I just finished a music degree, and moved to the glorious city of Cambridge with my boyfriend, Joe,  who writes music for computer games. I’m a violinist, arts marketer and part-time lecturer in Music Event Management.

This blog focuses on cooking, baking and eating out without breaking the bank whilst using good quality but non expensive ingredients. I try to be clear in my methods and ingredients, and find ways around using tiny amounts of products you can only buy in large, or aren’t easy to get hold of.

Tagines have become a staple in our household. I cannot imagine a life without one (or two) of those conical wizards in my kitchen. Just amazing! I love spices and use them in pretty much everything, but not necessarily hot spices.

I named this blog Sophie’s Food Choice as a homage to William Styron’s great novel that I never finished because it was so big and heavy I couldn’t be bothered to take it on the train anymore and I probably would have cried anyway. I enjoyed what I read.



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