Joe’s Birthday: Kohinoor and DeLorean Cake

kohinoor74 Mill Road

Hello there! Been a while, sorry about that.

I have been having some wonderful food adventures over the last month – so wonderful I have forgotten to write about them. I am also pleased to announced that I have got me a full time job (hooray!) so I imagine I will cook less exciting food but maybe eat out a little bit more.
So let’s start with Joe’s Birthday celebrations… A few weeks before we had gone to the Kohinoor on Mill Road and had the funniest time ever! One of the guys who works there (the owner maybe?) is HILARIOUS. He was stroking the boys’ beards, making jokes about our food choices, pretending that he was going to creepily watch us eat…. I’ve just realised how unappealing this sounds… it was honestly a giggle. Therefore, we went there with a group of 9 for Joe’s birthday so we could share the hilarity with our friends.

Kohinoor indian interior
He didn’t let us down! And by announcing that it was in fact Joe’s birthday, he presented Joe with a half pint of beer and a straw….

photo 3

He even gave me a carrier bag full of crockery after we came to the realisation that I had already bought a load of there old pots from the Salvation Army down the road!

Everyone really enjoyed their food and the portion sizes were very sensible – so we had more room for the Kingfisher Beer that they served on tap! The decor is pretty funny – lots of fake leaves making you feel like you are in a dodgy plastic jungle – but it kinda worked with the atmosphere. Definitely not a place for a date night if any member of the part happens to be a bearded man – and maybe not the place to take your parents – but hey depends what you’re in to – I’m sure the chap isn’t like that with everybody.

So once we were sufficiently merry on spices and Kingfisher, it was time to present my masterpiece. By masterpiece I mean disaserpiece. The DeLorean DMC-12 birthday cake (the car from Back to the Future)DeLorean

Yes, there it is – all melty and horrible – looked okay-ish until I tried to add detail. But you can tell what it is right? By the light of birthday candles and through the foggy haze of beer and curry it looked just fine.


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